Last Days of Summer by StangWolf

Last Days of Summer


25 February 2013 at 18:42:42 MST

Finally, "Last Days of Summer" completed piece!

I'm not sure I like the background, tried some techniques that I'm not sure if they worked or not, but well...marker is permanent.

I'm also tired of working on this piece so notes have been taking and I'll try some different stuff next time.

I do kinda like the sand though, and well I'm not completely unhappy with it.

Added in her bag and sandles (sand is HOT in the summer, even on Anthro wolf feets!) as well. Overall, it was fun to work with and I am glad I kinda was able to do something sorta on time for a change.

Once again, it's Tala enjoying a day at the beach, listening to the waves while she reads and just escapes from the world and responsibilities for a little while.

Art & Character © stangwolf 2011

Please do not redistribute, alter, reference, trace, or use my art in any fashion without my permission. Thank you! ~StangWolf

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    Nothing like having some alone time. :) Seems that she is lost in her own little world.

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      That she is! It's kinda nice to get lost in your own little world from time to time. ^^ Especially on the beach!

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    that is me on the beach reading a good book to drown out worries of the world

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      Oh me too! I adore being able to relax like that and just forget stuff for a while! <3

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        great thing is i live on the beach ^.^ most relaxing home when there isnt a storm about

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          Oh I bet that's lovely! I'm about 7 or so hours from the nearest beach lol. However, while not quiet the same, a peaceful lake is not far away from me! ^^

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            still a wonderful view and great environment for reading. ^.^