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Erika - Comfy Crash by Stampy

Erika - Comfy Crash


After a long day of flying about the galaxy, doing everything you shouldn't be, everywhere you shouldn't be, Erika's more than happy to just flop out atop her bed. Clear it first? Where's the fun in that!

You may recognise the large ship from the previous Erika picture or from her shelves in previous picture. They seem to upscaled models of the ones featured in the story, "The Distress Call". Wait, they are only models right?

Interestingly, for as many times that I've drawn Erika's room, I've never drawn it from this angle before, so you're getting to finally see the fourth wall of her room. Erika's got an interest in large destructive things, so a black hole poster seems relevant to her interests. See Forces of Nature by Eclipsis for more information on that!