Meteor Claws by Stampy

Meteor Claws


22 January 2021 at 13:35:42 MST

There's not much worse for a 11.5 mile Goddess of Judgement than, enjoying a lovely summer's day, wandering around a lush landscape, only to be rudely interrupted by a giant apocalyptic meteor strike from continent sized paws. Such is life for Sierra. Aerisis on the other hand is having a wonderful time!

This is an art trade with Eclipsis of his Aerisis pawsmashing a planet with a "relatively" tiny Sierra looking on rather unapprovingly. Well, she is the Goddess of Judgement!

It's also one of a pictures where I've been working on making the foreground landscape come right up towards the camera, giving the impression of the pictures being viewed from someone of human height, instead of miles up in the sky.