Beyond Pawception 32 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 32


2 December 2015 at 16:50:11 MST

Well then! I do wonder how many of you we managed to catch by surprise, hm hm hm… But of course, indeed: the endless white expanse which is larger than even my own beloved overzealous daughter, Okamitsune, is naturally myself- Lady Inari. Oh yes, I did see that a fair few of you already gathered that I would be the only one who'd fit snug and cozy into this final page, balancing life itself and all its components upon a single strand of silken pure snow-colored fur. But quite a few perhaps were surprised to see me, or did not even know who I was! No offense taken, in such a case. I do tend to work in more subtle and secretive ways than my rather outspoken daughter dearest, so it'd have been quite easy to miss me along the way. Which makes it all the more fun to throw my considerable weight around in a surprise like this!

Hm? The view? Why yes, it IS rather overwhelming, isn't it? I do hope you'd expect nothing less of a goddess known among her peers as The White Mother Kitsune. Kimono-strainingly vast proportions and matronly-wide hips, plushly thick padding and massive supportive paws, endless flowing hair and curling oceans of tails… On the occasions where I do outsize my playfully excessive daughter, I like to do so QUITE thoroughly- so I'll explain that I'm keeping myself very small and restrained here so as not to completely destroy the view! Hm hm hm hm hm...

Now then, I'm sure you're wondering what happens next, now that we've reached the final and greatest of all ends? A very large and prominent question, don't you agree? Rather in-your-face. It's quite simple: as my daughter dearest said, enjoy the ride!


Inari REALLY knows how to a fill a uh.. page? existence? everything? Well okay. Inari just knows how to fill everything ever, no matter the medium,she really is overwhelming in every single sense of the word.

It's quite entertaining to think that we've come from one white fox, all the way through space, time, possibility, reality, everything, and finally made our way to another.

But as she said, enjoy the ride!

Inari belongs to VDOplus

Commissioned by Artie


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    I'm not going to DIE am I!

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      I don't think so, no!

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        Good, I wasn't looking forward to it.