Beyond Pawception 19 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 19


19 November 2015 at 16:57:26 MST

"... Hm?" Lumi glanced down at herself. "What's going on? Why do I feel... Warm?"

"Why indeed, little girl?"

"Gyah!" Lumi whirled around, gawking up at the towering wall- er, pawpad- looming before her. In a casual, lazy sweep, it turned and flopped down on the misty nothingness below. Looking closer, Lumi couldn't help but notice that said misty nothingness actually suddenly had a large number of structures poking out- and was that sand down beneath it?

"You seem… Confused."

Turning again, the frightened young Sneasel stared up, and up, and up… And up.

"Frightened, as well."

"You… Y-You could s-say that," Lumi whimpered, floating backwards away from the looming behemoth. She was so warm… No, so hot. There was no sun and no sky, but waves of heat bore down on her like the worst deserts she'd ever visited, and the gargantuan barricade of pawflesh blocking half her vision was far hotter still! Her out-of-control growth had ground to a halt in the presence of this Titan, and even mentally attempting to restart her growth powers only seemed to be letting the Sneasel barely keep up with the growth of the beast. "I-I'm sorry to intrude! I'm just l-looking for a friend, I swear-"

The beast threw her head back and laughed, a booming sound of mirth and power that the strongest of lions would be honored to call a roar. The flurry of motion and shifting let Lumi get a glimpse of her not as a nigh-continental statue of sculpted power, but instead as a living and breathing flesh-and-blood body. Which was scary in its own way, but at least a little bit less so.

First to sink in was the fact that she was big. Not just 'big' in the sense that Lumi could've gotten entirely lost between her toes. The being was big.

Muscle bulged from her every limb and feature. Not the toned muscle of Niamh, or the exaggerated muscle of a bodybuilder. It was the raw, animal muscle of a feral beast, of a creature which needed and used every last ton of crushing power its body could exert on a daily basis. Were she to drop down on all fours, nobody would have hesitated to believe she was a wild animal.

And it went further than just her bulk, much further. Her shoulders reached broad and wide. Her manes flowed thick and heavy. Her breasts stood full and round. Her paws stood vast and monstrous. Every time Lumi looked, she found another way in which the behemoth was so much more than… Than…


Lumimyrsky flinched. "I… I-I am, yes."

"Impressive. Most impressive indeed. Both for reaching this scale, and for keeping pace with it. No easy feat…" The beastly woman's eyes locked firm on Lumi's body. There was a terrifying red glow to them, unearthly and strange.

"I'm sorry! I really am! I-I'll get out of here and let you be on your way, just, please, I don't want to cause any trouble…"

A flicker passed through the distant eyes. "Oh! Please forgive me, where are my manners? I'm just so unused to mortals popping up in the middle of our little sub-Pantheon, heh!" As the flicker passed, warmth spread across the woman's complexion- friendly, calm, unthreatening. The animalistic features softened as her eyes glimmered with thought. "My name is Kepi. You've managed to find your way to the borderlands of the AEsir, and-"

"W-Wait- AEsir? This is the AEsir's world?"

"One of them," chuckled the Titan, "I take it you've heard of them, then?"

"Oh! Oh thank goodness, then maybe you can help me! I need to find a goddess I'm friends with from the AEsir realms- her name is Karin, and I have to-"


Lumi instantly regretted having spoken up.

In a dizzyingly fast sweep, Kepi swung her gigantic country-covering paws upright and bolted to a crouch. Her upper body leaned forward, titanic breasts hanging heavily down to the clouds of 'ground' far below while her feline muzzle consumed Lumi's horizon.

The Sneasel noted with concern that Kepi's teeth looked every bit as huge and beastly as the rest of her.

"You… Y-You're friends with Karin? THE Karin?! R-Really?"

Bracing herself against the sweltering hurricane of Kepi's (thankfully pleasant) breath, Lumi shouted, "I-I think so? The Arcanine goddess? The big one? REALLY big?"

"Do you mean, 'REALLY big' big, or REALLY big' big?"

Inwardly marvelling at how breathless Kepi sounded despite breathing heavily enough to nearly flatten most of the pillar-like structures on the ground far below, Lumi confirmed, "definitely the latter! I-Is that bad-"

"No WAY!!" Kepi rumbled with a noise which could only be described as a "GodSquee," the entire sub-Pantheon quaking and trembling as she started to purr with a truly divine intensity the poor structure was never intended to withstand. "You've met Karin? You KNOW Karin? Y-You're FRIENDS with Karin? Th-That's INCREDIBLE! Oh wow, oh gosh, oh geez- Y-You've gotta introduce me to her some time! Please? Pleeeease? It'd be such a huge honor- I can't believe it, I've run into a mortal who knows Karin!"

"W-Well. I-I mean, I've only met her a few times, I-I don't know her THAT well," Lumi meekly mumbled beneath the towering feline, trying to avoid focusing on the monstrous claws and jaws and instead on the kitty-esque fangirling. "B-But I'd be happy to introduce you to her if you want?"

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!" In another blur, Kepi's pawhands swept up and gathered Lumi in their vast plain-like pads, rushing towards a huge looming surface that the young Sneasel could only assume was Kepi's cheek. Whatever it was, she was gently and harmlessly mooshed into it, brushed by fur strands wider than a major city and enveloped in a staggering heat. "I'll find some way to pay you back for it, I promise, I'm just so excited! Wow- Karin! THE Karin! And I'm going to meet her! I don't know what to say! I'm just so excit-OUMPH?!"

Writeup by VDOplus

Part 19, Enter Kepi Masika, the Egyptian themed Luxray/Arcanine hybrid goddess. One of VDO's newest cast members. She's quite beastly in appearance granting her great physical strength and while she's new to the job by most goddesses' standards, she is no less divine because of it.

Kepi Masika belongs to VDOplus
Lumimyrsky Talvinen belongs to myself.

Commissioned by< !Artie>