Beyond Pawception 1/12 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 1/12


1 November 2015 at 16:54:00 MST

Artie tried to squirm. Tried to wriggle. Tried to just merely twitch his ear.


His body was locked in place, held fast and firm and helpless between two walls of infinite size, two immovable objects pressed together by irresistible forces. Every single component of his fluffy white form was being squeezed between opposing sides.

How long ago had it started? Minutes? Hours? Seconds? Artie honestly couldn't tell. It was all so extreme, so overwhelming; he could barely even remember his own name, much less how he got here or when. Molecules were a distant and hazy memory. Atoms had barely been a blur. Sizes which seemed more like theoretical scientific concepts than actual discrete scales came and went faster than Artie could even attempt to comprehend. And each one blew past so much faster than anything before.

The raw sanity-crushing speed might have been what he was most amazed by. The indescribable rush, the sheer unfathomable madness was beyond anything he could have dared dream. Could it even be called 'shrinking?' The term carried a certain meaning, after all. If he were merely dwindling away at the speed of sound, causing reverse sonic booms as he compressed, that would absolutely be shrinking. Even lightspeed would have been easily described as shrinking, causing photons to warp and twist around him as he vanished beneath any possible detection. But this? When the very first instant was enough to take him from his ordinary standing height down to cowering beneath the endless vastness of the smallest particulates of reality, and when every instant after that only exponentiated the speed further still?

He no longer existed. He couldn't possibly have still been a real thing. The barest fundamentals of reality were an inescapable chasm he had slipped through long ago, and which he could never hope to ever see again. And yet, he was still alive, still feeling the ever-escalating decrease of his body against all creation. No matter how far beneath the lowest levels of existence he would inevitably and unstoppably slip, he would hear, see, feel every single moment of it, in an indescribable experience completely beyond perception.

This... This is what true bliss feels like.

Writeup by  VDOplus

The pawfox. Happy and blissfully content in his natural habitated. Completely and utterly lost between the cells that make up a paw. And just to show just how tiny he really is we've zoomed out four times and we still don't really know exactly where he is!

I hope you like your paws big, as things are about to get quite silly rather soon. This is actually the first in a size chain of paw themed bigness. So hold onto your hat, as things about to get rather silly!

Commissioned by Artie
Artie belongs to   Artie