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I spent one thousand years on the moon, of course I'm a little hungry. Are you going to eat that?

Insert other biological information here.

Other than that stuff, I'm just your typical newbie artist. I'm trying my best in this crazy digital art world with my outdated markers and pencils. Oh yeah, I happen to like fat things, so enjoy!

Just gonna put this here:

  • I don't do request unless it's a sketch and even then it's not a guarantee. If I do accept the request then it is just one sketch and that is all.

  • I will do trades but they have to be an equal partnership.
    Ex) You want two pictures, then I get two pictures

  • I'm always willing to do comissions. Just send me a note if you're interested.

Sorry if this seems strict but I do have a life outside of art. This is just a hobby for me and sometimes a source of income if needed.
Nothing personal against the fans, just wanted to be clear that's all.

I DON'T ROLE PLAY. Sorry to break it to you like that but it's just something that I don't do. I may respond with the occasional in character response but that doesn't mean I like to RP. The reason I don't is because I'm usually busy and just like to focus more on drawing and other things. Besides, I suck at writing so I wouldn't be much fun anyways. I'm the "one word response" type of person anyways.

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How I will use this site

Since I'm too lazy to upload my entire gallery, I will most likely just add this the list of various sites I update when I post new art. At some point I will post the old stuff but it won't be any time soon.

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