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Captive Feeding Program, pt. 5 by Squander

Captive Feeding Program, pt. 5


The problems with our captive slaughterdragon have continued to intensify. Unfortunately, attempts at controlling the specimen's escalating weight through dietary methods have not succeeded, and increasingly excessive overfeeding has in fact become necessary to curb her aggressive tendencies. While the physical danger posed by the specimen is considerably lessened now she is in a barely mobile state, it is still impossible to calm her demeanour to any extent without the provision of frankly preposterous amounts of food.

While it is acknowledged that this issue is a difficult one to deal with, zoo employees are reminded to maintain a professional approach to the situation at all times. Comments such as "time to stuff some food into this fat [expletive deleted]" are not appropriate in what is supposed to be a family-friendly environment. Additionally, forcing the specimen to continue eating when she is giving strong indications of satiation is an explicit breach of welfare rules. And finally, taking bets on whether or not it is possible to "feed her so much she explodes" is far outside the boundaries of acceptable behaviour, and the staff members involved in this particular incident have been placed on unpaid leave.

Art by Plaxtons-galaxy on Furaffinity.