nano doodles and such by spoonface

nano doodles and such


29 June 2015 at 08:59:18 MDT

Nano is an old scifi setting of mine. folks who'd follow me on deviantart around 2006-2007 might recognize some of these characters. been reworking and rehashing things, I really want to revisit these concepts.

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    I know this feeling. I have 35 years of decidedly more complicated worlds I've been keeping hidden until I feel I can tell them with the dignity and power they deserve. Gon' E-Choo is simpler 'journeyman' project to get my comic-making skills up to snuff.

    I love just that hint of Desty Nova I detect in the black-glasses/goggles scientist with the wild hair and centaur chassis.

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      OMFG I love Desty Nova to bits. He's one of my favourite characters in Gunnm. There's definitely some of him in Delta, heck, Gunnm's influence is p heavy throughout my development of the Nano setting, which I do want to depart from a little (though I do want to read/watch more of 80s-90s manga/anime for inspiration, such cool ideas there.)

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        I swear we're kinda in the same 'headspace' on a lot of things - same influences and fascinations, I guess!

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    Yeah! The lower case! I remember that one. :-)