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Slightly Too-Deep Kisses (TFP Starcee Vore) by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Slightly Too-Deep Kisses (TFP Starcee Vore) (critique requested)


.>u<; Haha! My generous approval of cuddly Starcee storylines has reared it's non-ugly head again for a somewhat weirder, slimier incarnation!

It all started with 'Screamer volunteering for that experimental procedure and "suffering" a bit of mass increase from it. He arrives back at the quarters he shares with Arcee with a spark full of mischief and a cranial unit full of... ideas. Ideas that the much-dwarfed two-wheeler is acutely aware of. XD

^u^ I'ma post just the preview drawing in a bit--it's m' own!

^w^ Thanks for reading!