Cybertronian Phys.--Metamorphosing Protoform by SpiderMilkshake

Cybertronian Phys.--Metamorphosing Protoform


26 July 2017 at 18:32:54 MDT

8D Isn't it CUTE? XD And... squiggly and kinda weird-looking? Ah well, a cute bebe is not instantaneous.

This is an illustration of my Primeverse Cybertronian reproduction headcanon: This is a normal protoform fabricated for creating new bots that is undergoing its metamorphosis into a bona-fide Sparkling. The blank lil protoform must be brought into close proximity to spark energy (on Cybertron, this would be to the Well of Allsparks itself) which causes an independent spark energy signature to form inside the protoform itself. At this stage, there must be at least one parental donor of Innermost Energon--energy-rich and also heavy in CNA material that influences the budding sparkling's physical features and capabilities. The new spark energy the parental CNA comes into contact with mutates these features to be unique to the new bebe and giving it its own CNA configuration. The parent or parents can sense the presence of a new spark by its EM vibrations and there is a limited time frame in which to introduce the Innermost Energon, but if all goes well the empty blank receives a spark--then receives energy and CNA memory to work off of--then begins to heat up and shift in shape and form. Little grooves form and form the first circuitry biolights, a little-bitty spark chamber forms and begins pumping energon through new energon lines, divots form in anticipation of optics and lil nubs start to form limbs and exoplating features. At this point, the Sparkling is alive! And dang is it alive--within about an hour of reaching this stage the lil thing already has working (but blurry and weak) optics, a functional mouth and vents, and fully distinct limbs (though it can be hard to tell what body-type the Sparkling has until the next day--at this size wings, winglets, or kibble nubs are hard to tell apart from each other XD). Six hours later the lil beb will start experimenting with its own voice... which... might interrupt the parent(s)'s recharging schedule. >u<; But that's something human parents understand already.

The Sparkling in this illustration has only been alive a meager 20 Earth minutes! Squiggly lil things! Rapid growth and development! Anxious/proud parent nearby!

Pencil, ink, and metallic alien cuteness. X3c

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