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A Special Snake Exhibit (ENDO FULL TOUR) by SpiderMilkshake

A Special Snake Exhibit (ENDO FULL TOUR)


^w^; A short lil ditty I started a while back, put down, and then recently found and finished again. It's very short, more or less flash fiction, but it is an interesting exercise in description and I do like the end result. XD And I found myself liking the kid Jack a lot, despite his startling and steadfast sense of skepticism.

Welp, content warnings and all! I'd recommend not reading if you dislike any of the following: Soft vore, Endosoma, Full Tour, Snake Preds, Nonsexual vore, Child Prey, extremely tame curses and a silly premise with a silly ending.

I also doodled up a quick coverart thingie! :D Hope that compliments it.