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Rat Salad by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Rat Salad (critique requested)



Just had a weird idea of something to draw... and since I've got a kinda blueeegh-y feelin' today, a healthy salad of rats should be good for me. ^w^ It's healthy for the soul!

Basically, this a salad of every rat I've had the joy of pet-sitting, taking care of as part of a school thing, or have observed chillin' in the wild. ^w^ Well, they're basically all pet rats except for the brown fella (feral brown rat that my cats, uh... gifted me XD And I moved him off to a safe spot using an oatmeal container as a carrier) and the sleeping bundle of ratty goodness in the back (a typical woodrat coloration, though drawn as a pet Old World type ratty ^u^;).

How to make a Rat Salad:

1) Chop lettuce, spinach, cucumbers and mix with cherry tomatoes and roasted sunflower seeds.
2) Add an assortment of rats.
3) Allow rats to eat the salad ingredients.
4) Cuddle, provide toys, water and nesting material. Repeat indefinitely. XD