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Idyllic Hedonisms~ by SpiderMilkshake

Idyllic Hedonisms~


23 March 2016 at 22:01:23 MDT

^w^ Drawn based on one of many scribbly sketches, now much cleaner and shaded and all...

Oh, to be a gentle idealist and a giant hedonist all at once!~ That's my formula... generally results in one of my many pleasures. ^u^ One of those pleasures is a filling and friendly treat, a wriggling belly with a cherished life inside. The most full-bodied and complete hug possible, all with stuffed gut and the chance to relax in closeness.

And of course, internal belly rubs. OuO Also known as a quick way to get me to owe ya a drink or a nice meal out. X3

Who's that rubbing and pressing away at my stomach? ^u^; Well... I'm not telling. >u< You guys can decide for yourselves, or enjoy thoughts of self-insertion into this scenario~