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Spider-conda~ by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Spider-conda~ (critique requested)


21 March 2016 at 04:13:03 MDT

XD Can't sleep... so staying up doing art and watching ancient cooking show reruns.

I've taken a liking to drawing meself on only as a snakey naga peep, but as a literal.... uh, snakey peep. ^w^ And green anacondas have just the sweetest derpy faces, so voila--portrait of snek-y Spider from the front.

Mebbe I am dangling from a tree branch? XD An extremely sturdy tree branch?

Ah and yes, this is a painterly digital thing, which I feel like I'm getting a lot better at (more practice, ya see 83). Tried a new bit of texture techniques... lemme know how it looks, and I shall give many weird, feathery-flickery snek kisses and snuggly soft snek hugs! ^w^;