Suu Slurps a Certain Snake~83 by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Suu Slurps a Certain Snake~83 (critique requested)


29 February 2016 at 11:56:45 MST

^w^ I must say--I have rather fallen in love with this Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou character, Suu! >w<' She's an adorable, innocent(?) and delightful slimegirl, and with a couple of canon vorish situations already I realized... I must draw Suu noms..! Too cute not to..!! :D

^w^' In fact, the desire to draw some cute Suu noms was so strong I had a dream with such a situation (sort of ^^' Not exactly like the picture but close!)! I tend to forget dreams very fast if I don't write them down or tell someone else right away, so what I remember was that there was a gargantuan Suu, over 40 meters tall, loose in a city on this island, and the police and military were trying to hunt her down. There was this park I was walking in by a pond, and somehow I knew about Suu's predicament and decided to get in the pond water in the off chance she'd suck me up.... X3 Dream-me had a plan, you see--though Suu noticed me and didn't unknowingly suck me in, she did agree to nom me when I told her I'd be a "hostage" to prevent the military from attacking her. ^u^ Of course... I was human in the dream and not my sona.

XD I make a cuter tum when my big snek self~ X3 And I can hold my breath a very long time as an anaconda naga, so that means I get a longer goo dip. >u<'

^u^ More Suu noms, with her as pred mostly and maybe some affectionate maw things with her as prey, in the future! But I had to get this one out this week.