Dinner and Sunshine by SpiderMilkshake

Dinner and Sunshine


29 February 2016 at 11:42:29 MST

:D A bit more non-vore stuff--only tangentially vorish for the fact that Petra has noms in her tum. X3 Normal noms though, just so happens to be "whole foods"... >u< Heehee.

^w^ The night after a successful hunt, Petra wakes up in a sunny spot outside her den and sleepily enjoys her surroundings for a bit. In the meadow before the forests begin, a small herd of island deer have been grazing, knowing that a full naga is a safe naga--well, actually any not-hunting Maranaga is pretty safe to be around unless you've accidentally come upon a bastardly one. O3O Petra is not one of those!

dares you to rub her tum ouo