Barrel-Bellied Centaur by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Barrel-Bellied Centaur (critique requested)


29 February 2016 at 11:34:13 MST

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The sound of hooves on sand was generally associated with majesty and the romance of traveling the far reaches of the world--but the Traveler was not pleased with the fact that the sound of his steed's hooves was accompanied by the squelching of slime-coated flesh against his balled-up form and the low gurgles of the centaur's other organs protesting. It was only now that he understood the elven bartender's sly wink and chuckles as he spoke of the safe way to cross the desert in the east--to work with the centaurs was the only way and of course the centaurs were very well-practiced in "internal affairs". As the Traveler tried again to wriggle into a position where his legs were less bunched he heard a distinct hiccup from above him.

"Humans, urgh! I had no idea you could be so... wriggly." The centaur grunted as the man inside him struggled, forced to crouch low to avoid loosing his balance, "Could ya stop? I swear this is the third time you've poked my kidneys and it ain't helping me run faster."

"Well I had no idea centaurs were so hungry," The Traveler grumbled, crossing his arms against bundled knees and chest. "Are you sure this is the only way for humans to cross this damn desert? Why couldn't I just ride a horse and have you guide me?"

The centaur chuckled, shaking his live cargo as he returned to a steady trot across the baking-hard ground. "Because," he began, "horses do not share to same mercy from the sandworms as we centaurs do. Humans on horses fare much, much worse." He shook his head at the man's foolishness, "Those sandworms are smart and boy, do they hate humans. Absolutely loathe you two-legged fellas. The only reason they don't attack internal riders is because they see us as guards escorting you through here."

"Is that so." The Traveler wiped stomach mucus from his forehead, "So sandworms love centaurs so much they'll ignore me in here. Can't imagine why..."

"Actually, the worms see us as guarding them from you." The centaur's laugh was cheerful as he reached back an patted his bulging flank, "Even humans being tied up isn't good enough security for those guy's insecurities--only the tightest and most vulnerable confines for humans, yep!"


"Don't worry, though. It's only about one day and night to the other side. At least you've got that to look forward to, eh?"


XD Welp, here's another unusual pred sketch (or sketch+, rather) finished, was rather excited for this so I came up with a bit of a vignette to go with. ^w^ So it's now less a random sketch and more an illustrated little story!

^u^' I like this centaur dude! I think I'll keep him on as a nommer. :D He's got a chipper attitude and a barrel belly which makes me quite fond of 'im.