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Ebilym the Strangler by SpheenBleesh

Ebilym the Strangler


Here's Ebilym, a scaleless but snakey and misunderstood girlie.

Her single eye extends from the tip of her tongue and like a snake's, it flicks in and out. This is more a simulation of blinking though and keeps the eye most.

Her species grows to be fifty or sixty feet, maintaining a rather slim build, enabling them to move very quickly and even climb with ease. They eat mostly anything then can overpower.

Hope ya'll likey

Ebilym © me

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    I love her! You say she's misunderstoof, is she kind and harmless to people but they see her hunting animals and what she can do, and fear her for it?

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      Awww thanks! Well, she reacts to fear herself ^^ If people are afraid of her, then she can make them even more afraid by getting to them mentally, causing hallucinations, spontaneous bleeding, nightmares, as she attempts to defend herself by altering magnetic frequencies, in the hope that this will deter the human from attacking her. If someone was to show mild fear, but give her a chance, she'd stare and wait :) And those who are unafraid she would allow near, and probably just ignore. She's quite aloof really and deifnitely tries to avoid all humans

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    I love monsters with long, black, stringy hair.

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    ... WOW!

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      Oh my goodness Thankyou kindly Hun!

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        You deserve every morsel!