Fading Warmth by Spectra-Sky

Fading Warmth


8 April 2014 at 03:34:19 MDT

Here's Guillotine as a fox~ yay >u<

This piece took a fair while but it was worth it as I got to learn a bit more about effects c:
It's sunset or something in the piece, and Guillotine is hiding behind a bush, poor thing snugglez

Guillotine and Art © Spectra-Sky
Done With - Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Tablet.

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    I don't like to say "beautiful" because she looks so downhearted and I'd like to pet and hug her carefully. Nevertheless it is a beautiful picture. Your way to draw hair and fur is amazing and the atmosphere is shown very well.

    Her scars and her mood as a whole don't make her look like a random character. Is there a story behind Guillotine?

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      There is; this actually is a fox version of her character. She's a human :0

      But yea, her story is very intense, sad but nevertheless interesting. In a quick summary, her partner hung himself and since that moment a part of her 'snapped' and she decided to end her life to be with him. But she was reborn back into life, and ran a hairdresser's where she beheads her clients from her rage and sorrow.

      She's a good assassin though, and only kills those who she thinks are unworthy of living, like abusive people, especially men (due to her ex treating her poorly).

      If you want, you can read the full story here -> http://spectra-sky.deviantart.com/art/Guillotine-430212364 :)

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        Wow, this is really intense! (And maybe it wasn't a good idea to read it right before bed time... :D )
        Thank you for sharing that story. Although it leaves many open questions it's nice to read (apart from the very sad content.)