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Sparsile / genderfluid / USA

I may be a star, but I belong to no constellation.™


I update here a little bit from time to time e.e I don't really like the layout.. oh well.
Apologies for the art spam from time to time. I want to try and be active on every site possible!! ^-^/
Please do enjoy my gallery! +Watches and favorites are thanked!

These are the sites you will most likely find me posting art!

★Terms Of Service
I do NOT Roleplay!
Notes are disabled! Emails are only accepted!
Contact stainedandsinned[at]
Please be original and not copy anything of mine. Thanks.

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Follow my twitter (freebies this week)

I'm going to be doing freebies as I wipe out all commissions this week!!! Woohoo! :DD
Soooooooo here is my twitter, since I want to learn to use it more anyway. I highly recommend you follow it because I'm going to be doing all kinds of freebies this week as warmups/cooldowns! <3333

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