Canamom Relaxing by Sparkyopteryx

Canamom Relaxing


27 June 2014 at 12:44:08 MDT

Colored ballpoint sketch for cadmiumtea's Langurhali Canamom, done for a Langurhali-themed sketch exchange on the FA group Going ahead and submitting it here as well.

Such an interesting and intriguing character; I had a lot of fun reading about him and his unusual mutation, and I jumped at the opportunity to draw an older character with lots of skin folds. Also forests and streams. And found object smoke pipes. And gourds. I do hope I did him justice. Character is the intellectual property of cadmiumtea, art is mine and the feline creatures known as Langurhali are the original creation of vera This species has rather unique anatomy and pretty much don't have anything to show, but since Weasyl has recently made rating classifications unnecessarily convoluted, I'm marking this Moderate for now.

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    Love this, it came out great! Beautiful shading!

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    This is amazing! You did a fantastic job, and I'm stunned that it was done in ball point

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      I'm glad you like it! As much as I love pencil sketches, I just couldn't help but do this in sepia and greens; it helps my scanner picks up ballpoint really well! I can't say enough how fun he was to draw.