Inktober #11: Delivery Arrival by Sparkyopteryx

Inktober #11: Delivery Arrival


12 October 2015 at 15:36:06 MDT

Burwor and Antella emerged from the dappled shade from the copse of trees, blinking back late afternoon sun. It was unseasonably warm for even the temperate plains of Varium, but the wind was cool and welcome. The gnome hopped upon the rocky outcropping to get a better view of their destination, then made a sweeping gesture with his hand and declaring triumphantly, "There's the town! Not far now."
Antella in her shifted form adjusted the weight of the hefty package of supplies on her back, "Oh good. The clinic said they needed these supplies badly. I think we made good time though..."
They both proceeded down the road, Burwor spotting his familiar and yelling, "Get down from there you lousy freeloader! Those goods aren't for you."

Had this started last night but couldn't finish it until this morning. A little scene excerpt from one of the many characters of the land of Alteir for this Inktober. I was somewhat inspired by Thos's dynamic and tight use of composition using multiple characters for this one (check out his work too it's good stuff). I could have cleaned up the colored pencil undersketch more but I liked how the color tints through the inked lines looked so I kept it.

Done with a grey PITT brushpen, Col-Erase pencils, W1 Copic marker and multiliners on 9x12 smooth bristol.

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