Soki Solutions C1P1 by SorenKisamora

Soki Solutions C1P1


2 January 2019 at 21:51:00 MST

So, this is what i've been working on.
When you are the CEO of a Transformation Company, yet cannot have a TF Stay applied to yourself what do you do? Lots of testing, enjoyment, power..things that Might end up going to your head. This premise takes us to the Comic here. While this Chapter in general is ment to Explain what happened when Sera and Eva met [ They haven't before this Comic~ ] it will mostly Focus on Eva for the most part.

This is also been a way for me to start my practice in changing Drawing Programs. while i only use Photoshop right now this is all done in Clip Studio so beg my pardon on the shakey linework. While i'd use the pen tools in PS for lines i'm trying to Freehand them this time which is also why there will, for the most part, not be any color. What color DOES show up is either to point out something important, or for me to practice doing Shadows on my characters.

I'm not sure how many pages or Chapters this whole Project might end up being, but I do hope you enjoy it as much as i'm happy to draw it. While this Chapter Focuses on Eva and Sera who knows what others might follow around? the Idea is to follow Sera around as she causes issues for others due to her Power Hungry nature and to keep a Continuity between it all.

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