Granite, Rae/Rei, and Cross Lineup by SonicSpirit

Granite, Rae/Rei, and Cross Lineup


17 February 2014 at 13:05:36 MST

I really need a good name for their super team. Rae and Granite (who used to be called Ravage, before it was decided by me and in-story that that's a bad name for a superhero) are tentatively called the Super Lesbians (I think this is more a joke for them than anything else, but ended up getting used as their proper name while they were working up to Professional Hero anyway).

Anyway, I'm open to suggestions!

I should include Agrippa in the lineup, too, but this was more about working out how I'm gonna draw Granite, and what Rae's human look is gonna be than anything. Cross ended up there because I had room, and realized he should be.

Probably I'll put together a real linup sheet with all of them. Heh, eventually!

I love how much junk Rae's thrown onto her costume. Sailor fuku, check! Hobo gloves, check! Goggles, check! Fox ears and tail, check! Floppy socks, check! Shoes like Yuki Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi, check!

All of the things.

Granite has pouches cuz not having pockets sucks. Cross has motorcycle armor because it makes sense for a speedster. Plus the chest plate and codpiece dealie help him pass! Cuz yeah, he's trans. WHOO!

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