Lemonade and Hot Tubs by SonicSpirit

Lemonade and Hot Tubs


17 February 2014 at 12:50:00 MST

Agrippa, Cross, and Chris! And I kinda botched that whole "post every day," thing, didn't I! Ah well, I'll keep trying! That's the idea, anyway.

ANYWAY (again)! We've got some drawings of Agrippa, with his goggles, and apparently the nanobots he uses to transform people have attained sentience, and he's gotta negotiate with their newly-established union! Poor guy. He has no tools to handle them. Well, he has Cross, who's a negotiator, but if Cross is outta town and they go on strike? TROUBLE. Especially if the nanobots smell weakness.

I don't know how nanobot hot-tubs and lemonade works either.

And then we have Cross in "typical hero pose" and damn, that one arm is short! Ah, well. I've heard that pose is cliche? I didn't know a pose could be cliche? Probably it's meant to be that one shot, with the landing and looking up...which this pose is meant to be part of, even if I didn't think about camera as well as I should have when I was drawing it. HEY, WHATTA YA WANT FROM ME, THIS IS JUST SKETCHBOOK SHIT!

Anyway, then we have Chris, in what I think is my first drawings of her in the new mostly-human-verse. I may still have the hair wrong, I prolly need to look at ALL THE REFERENCES. It's easy on Cross, with that ponytail, but I dunno how those...I think they're dreads? But they COULD be braids? But they're probably dreads? Anyway, I'm not as crazy sure how they'd act loose like Chris wears them...

Yeah, for everyone new to the party (i.e. everyone), Chris and Cross share a body. And it's a female body. Cross just has them on hormones. They may have gotten electrolysis (or at least are planning to) to handle facial hair growth, so that Chris doesn't get too dysphoric. It's a balancing act, especially since they're both averse to the idea of integration.

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