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Lifeguards On Duty by SonicHomeboy

Lifeguards On Duty


A YCH I did featuring RobLF, Eddy's Ezzi, and Alec De Loupe as lifeguards!

It looks like the lifeguards are on duty, and they're here to save the day in case someone is in serious danger. :) Of course, it seems that they have plenty of time to be a tease and show off what they got. lol

This was fun and challenging all around! I am really happy to have accomplished a group picture like this. It's really rare I do group pictures like this. I plan to do a couple more before the summer is over. So I guess be on the lookout for more of them soon. :)

Art (c) sonichomeboy
Characters (c) RobLF, Eddy, and AlecDeLoupe on FA