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Ascendant Azurian by Sonic Fox

Ascendant Azurian

Sonic Fox

Long ago in a distant galaxy, there existed creatures that rose to prominence and gained extraordinary power. These Celestials learned to harness the very energy of their beings and manifest it in ways never thought possible. Their civilization dominated most of the galaxy, creating technology so advanced none have surpassed them and guiding the under-evolved races as Gods. These Celestials found two such races that, while still very primitive, mirrored their own. The Azurians and the Crimz became the Celestials' chosen successors to their dynasty, teaching them to manifest their inner energy and create technology to travel the stars. But before a fair compromise between the two cultures could be reached the Celestials vanished without a trace.

With the absence of their Gods, the Azurians and Crimz became adversaries with small skirmishes breaking out over the vast new territories of the galaxy and abandoned technology of their masters. Azurian's were more introverted and kept to themselves, leaving other races alone while the Crimz were more aggressive and dominated the races they deemed "lesser". Inevitably these two cultures clashed in a great war that raged for years, only ending when the largest galactic government composited of the other spacefaring races joined the Azurians and drove the Crimz to near extinction and banishment to unknown regions.

But even in victory, the Azurians and the new rising power in the galaxy known as the Alliance began to have the same disputes that led to the war with the Crimz. But sides left each other alone to their own devices for nearly a century until one day the Crimz returned. Their surprising arrival decimated the Azurian colonies, vengeance for their own near destruction before. The Azurians pleaded for help with the Alliance, but deliberations among their politicians impeded any support. Sensing their civilization's end, the Azurian's lured the Crimz into their system and utilized a galactic super weapon known as the Black Nebula that trapped both civilizations in a section of the galaxy. This bought the Alliance time to prepare for the worst, and when the Black Nebula was finally neutralized the Crimz emerged in full strength and the Azurian race was gone.

The Crimz Empire immediately attacked the Alliance only to find they had matched them in strength and in the end an unsteady truce was forged. But both sides knew war was inevitable, and as the Alliance expanded and recuperated the Crimz sought out Celestial ruins and hunted down any small traces of the Azurians they could find. But none could be found.

Azurians are born with blue color of the fur, scales, feathers, or skin with intricate white markings as opposed to the Crimz's red skin and black markings. When Azurian's use their own biological energy, their eyes and markings glow brightly and can manifest this energy to increase their strength, speed, or endurance beyond the limits of their physical bodies. Even without this energy, Azurians have longer life spans varying by species and accelerated healing that could mend a broken bone in one to two weeks as opposed to ten or more for the average sentient. But these abilities require both races to be healthy and in great physical condition, otherwise their energy is far less effective and no matter their resistances they can die just as easily as anyone else.

Purebloods of both species are born with all the markings they will possess in life at birth, while those born with just one Azurian or Crimz parent only have a few and eventually grow into their dormant markings. Half breeds can still tap into their hidden strength and reveal their markings for a short time. However, it takes great concentration for non purebloods to maintain this "ascended" state, the hidden markings only appearing while using a huge amount of energy and disappearing when the individual is spent.

So now the galaxy walks along the razor's edge of war between the Alliance and the Crimz Empire, with a small handful of Azurian's in hiding on a backwater planet. Until a young foxwolf is discovered, known to many as "The Last Azurian."

Amazing artwork by Caraid

Nik and story by Sonic Fox

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