Hiya by SonaArtist



14 October 2015 at 00:55:35 MDT

So i was playing around and just ended up drawing this.
I think it turned out very well, despite the un-proportionate back leg XD
I realized it to far into the drawing to fix Q^Q
Anyways what do you think?
Any thing i could do to make it look better?
Please dont be mean about it, just some advice is all i want ^^''

Edit 10/21/15 : OMG!! QAQ I FEEL SO BAD, I got his design a bit wrong. Whats wrong, you may ask....well.....the colors on his back paws are supposed to be switch XD
oh my gawd why didn't I see that mistake till just now...I feel like a bad mother Q^Q, hes mer bby and I messed up on him