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:iconsonaartist: OH MY GAWD, THEY HAD MUNCHKINS!!! by SonaArtist

:iconsonaartist: OH MY GAWD, THEY HAD MUNCHKINS!!!


by SonaArtist
Manga & Anime / Digital Media / Drawings©2015 SonaArtist

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squeal SOOOOOO....YA LemonFic and Control Break i guess got down and dirty and she has been preggers for a while, and i had them in my head about what they would look like and all the good shiz, but anyways, i think its been almost or over a year sense i have made them a couple X3
And it hasn't even been a year sense the got married, sadly i have not posed pictures of their marriage, the closest you got was LemonFic in her wedding dress XD
But anyways these little munchkins are, Adviser and Manuel
Here in a few weeks i might make their grown up selves but i want to get though this year and make pictures for Halloween and Christmas of these two as kids instead of grown ups, but i will show you concepts of their adult forms for when i decide, they should grow up.
Till then i shall share some info about these bbys.

Name: Adviser
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus (from parents)
Personality and looks: Now Adviser is an energetic pony, he is actually the younger brother by, i dont know a few seconds :| .... but anyways, he is very fun loving, and LOVES video games like his dad. But like his mother and father, he has a BIG temper, he does not take the word, no, very well. Now for his colors, his body is actually the color of his mothers mane while his main actually comes from his fathers mane, but there is some obvious second color which is just a darker tone of his mane. His eyes don't come from either his mom or dad, they actually come from his grandmother on Control Breaks side of the family. Now again with his mane, the style is similar to LemonFics, and what i mean is that its straight and slight waved.

Name: Manuel
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn (from grandmother on Lemonfics side of the family)
Personality and looks: Manuel, very much unlike his mother, let alone father or brother, is extremely shy. He kind of likes to be on his own unless he is playing games with his brother. Hes a HUGE mamas boy and loves to help her cook, hes even taught her one or two things with cooking. Now he has his mothers body color along with the circles around the eyes, but unlike LemonFic, he has both eyes with circles around them, while Lemon has one circle around her right eye. Manuel's mane colors come from his father body color and his mothers mane color, while his eye color comes from his father as well. Manuel's mane style is very much styled like his fathers, well not exactly like it but it he did gain Control Breaks curly hair. Now this is the sad thing about Manuel, his horn is much MUCH smaller then a regular horn for his age, which some how it has made him unable to use magic of any kind.

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