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Encounter in the Tundra by SolidScale

Encounter in the Tundra


The bitter gusts that blow through the tundra would chill an unprepared soul to the core. Those who tread without the right equipment and supplies are more often than not, never seen again.

But coming prepared can offer a unique experience. The little Felyne, Jayde, got to enjoy that experience, tagging along with Solid on one of his many trips to step outside the modern world. With a warm wrap of clothing, a piping hot soup and roaring fire to keep herself warm, she was free to enjoy the vast emptiness and open skies with her companion.

But it wasn't long before the beautiful sights around them set in an atmosphere, sank into their emotions. Solid watched the little Felyne's admiration of her surroundings. Her gaze pulled from the sky and to the friend that brought her here, watching the light from the flickering fire shimmer along his scales and plates, and soon to stare into his compassionate eyes. Another source of heat that the two shared emerged inside them.

Was still really cold though.

Forgive the story for this one. S'a bit sappy but that's just kinda how Solid is. A deliberate romantic.

Anyway, this was a suggestion  alator had given me a few nights back. I couldn't pass it up, seeing as I really want to experience snow, I never have, and I really enjoy these snowy/cold environments. I couldn't say no, and used it to experiment around a little. I really like the lighting effects I got on Solid, and I'm really bummed that I couldn't do the same on Jayde. :C

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