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Space Battles 2: Trek Effect by Social Justice Warmachine

Space Battles 2: Trek Effect

Social Justice Warmachine

Star Trek seems to be in these quite a bit. I present, the USS Defiant vs. the SSV Normandy


Name: USS Defiant NX-74205
Franchise: Star Trek
Type: Defiant-Class Escort
Faction: United Federation of Planets
Length: 119.5 M
Width: 90.3 M
Height/depth: 25.5 M
Structural Layout: Warp Nacelles, Deflector Array, Weapons, and Bridge all on main structure (0 structural weak points)
• 4 Phaser Cannons: axially-mounted
• 3 Phaser Banks: 5.1 MW/undetermined period of time
• 4 Forward Photon/Quantum Torpedo Launchers. 2 Aft Launchers: 2.7x1017J/pho-torp. 200 isoton/qantum torp
• Deflector Shields: likely the same as a Galaxy-Class
• Ablative armor: resists phasers and other energy weapons
• Cloaking Device
Sublight: Impulse Drive
FTL: Warp Drive: warp 9.5+
Power Plant: Warp Core: doesn’t explode as much as the Galaxy-Class
• Don’t Fuck with the Sisko
• Tractor Beam

Name: SSV Normandy SR2
Franchise: Mass Effect
Type: Normandy Stealth-Class Frigate
Faction: Commander Shepard (that’s right)
Length: 384 M
Structural Layout: Similar to the SR-71 ‘Blackbird”, with 4 engines on triangular pylons and a V-tail (0 structural weak points. (those pylons do not quit))
• Javelin Disruptor Torpedoes: cold-launched, ripple-fired close-range (define that in space) weapons that create random and unstable mass effect fields causing ships to be literally torn apart by tidal gravitational forces. Becomes too massive in-flight for shields to repel. Easy prey for point-defense weapons
• 2x Thanix Magnetic –Hydrodynamic Weapon: similar to a MAC, only it fires a stream of superheated molten metal(iron-uranium-tungsten alloy) instead of a slug. Shown to be roughly as powerful as a MAC, and take less time to charge(possibly due to powerplant). 5 second bursts
• 4 Antiproton Thrusters: it’s like a shaped photon torpedo
• Kinetic Barriers:
• Standard: halts small, fast projectiles with static specialized mass effect fields
• Multicore Shielding: uses oscillating mass effect fields to slap aside incoming linear force. When damaged, they revert to standard Kinetic Barriers
• Heavy Ship Armor
• Ablative Armor: protects from Directed Energy Weapons that Kinetic Barriers cannot stop by dissipating energy
• Silaris Heavy Ship Armor: Super-dense carbon nanotube sheets woven with diamond Chemical Vapor Deposition an resist even greater energy than Ablative Armor, as well as resisting “tremendous” amounts of KE
• General ARea Defensive Anti-spacecraft Network (GARDIAN) LASERs: Point-defense LASERs with a presumed 360 firing arc.
• Stealth Systems: sinks Normandy’s emissions, making it nigh-undetectable to sensors. Normandy remains visible to anyone LOOKING at it
• 4 Antiproton Thrusters: generates millions of degrees Celsius of heat in jetwash, melting tailgaters like wax in a blowtorch
• Tantalus Drive Core: creates mass concentrations that the Normandy “falls into”, allowing the Normandy to not have to compromise its stealth with its thrusters
• FTL Drive: Reduces the mass of a starship, allowing it to travel faster than light.
• Tantalus Drive Core: aids in FTL
• Mass Relay Network: creates a mass-free “corridor” between relays and propelling starships along these corridors fast enough to make the series ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ last less than 3 episodes. Requires a Mass Relay
• Max Speed Cx77
Power Plant:
• Nuclear Fusion Plant
• Commander Shepards favorite ship on the Citadel
• All weapons and targeting calibrated to hell by Garrus
• EDI A.I.: electronic warfare

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