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Space Battles 1: Halo Trek by Social Justice Warmachine

Space Battles 1: Halo Trek

Social Justice Warmachine

I fucking love making these, and I should do more
So, here's the rundown. I draw up a pic of two ships that I feel are appropriately similar either thematically, or in terms of combat ability, then I put the stats up in the description. So, without further ado, the retrofitted Halcyon-Class Light Cruiser Pillar of Autumn vs. the upgraded Galaxy-Class Cruiser Enterprise


Name: USS Enterprise NCC-1701D
Franchise: Star Trek
Type: Galaxy-Class Dreadnought
Faction: United Federation of Planets
Structural Layout: Standard Enterprise Layout with an extra warp Nacelle directly above the secondary hull: 4 structural weak points
• 11 Type-X phaser arrays: Each capable of striking with 5.1x10^6 megawatts. 5.61x10^11 joules if all 11 can be targeted on a single point
• 3 Photonic Torpedo Launchers: Each photon torpedo has a yield of 2.7x10^17 Joules. 1.08x10^18 Joules can be deployed in a single salvo
• Spinal Phaser Lance: a very heavy phaser cannon, likely hitting with more force than 5.61x10^11 Joules. About twice that is actually a safe assumption. So, roughly 1.06x10^12. It is also seen penetrating (with some effort) the un-shielded hull of a Klingon Neigh’Var class warship
Defensive: Deflector Shields: In-show dialogue shows the shields collapsing after being struck by 800 gigawatts over the course of about 4 seconds, or 1.12x10^15 joules.
• Drive: Impulse Drive: Fusion engines
• Maneuvering: Maneuvering Thrusters: seem strangely subject to the laws of aerodynamics
FTL: Warp Drive capable of reaching warp 13
Power Plant: Warp Core

Name: UNSC Pillar of Autumn C-709
Franchise: Halo
Type: Halcyon-class refit cruiser
Faction: United Nations Space Core Defense Force
Length: 1.17 kilometers
Width: 3d2 meters
Height/depth: 414 meters
Structural Layout: flying bunker with a gun barrel at the front, lined with guns and missile launchers, and propelled by engines in the back: one structural weak point (compared to the rest of the ship)
• Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (MAC): fires three 600,000 kg slugs at 40% of the speed of light in rapid succession on a single charge (anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds). Each slug impacts with a force of 4.3x10^21 Joules
• Archer Missile Pods: each missile has an estimated yield of 1.84x10^11 Joules of energy (44 tons of TNT). At any given moment, the Pillar of Autumn can deploy up to 1.66x10^16 Joules worth of Archer Missiles simultaneously
• 3 SHIVA-Class nuclear missiles: 1.25x10^17 Joules in each missile
• 2 meters of lead-lined Titanium-A armor plating covering the entire ship: it takes 5.031x10^15 Joules to compromise the hull
• Forty 50mm point-defense autocannons: point-defense guns
• One squadron (15-17) of GA-TL1 Longsword-class interceptors:
o Dimensions:
o Length: 64 meters
o Width: 75 meters
o Height/depth: 12.9 meters
o Structural Layout: flying wing, similar to the B-2 with a large vertical rudder that sticks out of the back. Engines in wings, cockpit in the front
o Offensive:
 110mm Rotary Cannons: axially-mounted
 Two 120mm ventral guns
 ASGM-10 Missiles: generally very effective against unshielded targets
 SHIVA-Class Nuclear Missile
 Moray Space Mine: they track you, then magnetize to your hull, then EXPLODE
o Defensive:
 Maneuverability: this is unlimited due to the fact that they are in space, and exhibit Newtonian physics
 Titanium-A battle plate: likely one foot thick
o Sublight: Twin Fusion Reactors
o FTL: N/A
o Power Plant: Twin Fusion Reactors
• Fifteen D-77TC Pelican Dropships:
o Dimensions:
o Length: 30.5 meters
o Width: 23.3 meters
o Height/depth: 10 meters
o Structural Layout: Something of a box with a cockpit similar to the AH-64 Apache. Forward engine pods mounted on the side of the hull with wings on them for vectored thrust. Rear engine pods mounted like rear elevators
o Offensive:
 One chin-mounted 70mm autocannon
 Two ANVIL-II ASM pods with eight missiles each: that’s 16 total air-to-ground missiles
 Optional gun on rear hatch: AE-486H or M247GPMP. Take your pick
o Defensive: Heat and radiation shielding
o Sublight:
 Drive: 4 thrust-vectored engine pods
 Maneuvering: did I mention thrust-vectoring?
o FTL: N/A
• Drive: Fusion Drive
• Maneuvering: Maneuvering thrusts shown to accelerate the ship very rapidly AND emergency thrusters that accelerate it even faster
FTL: Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine
Power Plant:
• One primary fusion drive
• Two secondary fusion drives

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    Galaxy isn't a dreadnaught it's a Battleship / Explorer.

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      Galaxy-X variant, which is a Dreadnaught~

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        There's no X variant I think you mean Galaxy AGT variant -

        • Link

          AGT Variant only means "All Good Things" Variant given the episode it first appeared and is the alternate reality version; however using the Star Trek Online universe which is canon, it is considered the "Galaxy-X-Class" Variant in the standard reality instead:

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            Yeah but the first one who created the name keeps it when its been aired and used. Also you and i are nerds this is so cool still. Even the names is a bit odd still first its already a galaxy class but an X - variant sounds better.

            But on computer game tje ship designer for the "galaxy X class" don't alwayd give the ships the original names. Constitution class based from the films and series always as a cruiser type vessel but in the games they are mistaken for a different ship such as a destroyer.

            see where im going?

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    A Galaxy-X with the absurd phaser cannon under the saucer? That'd be a really, REALLY short fight!

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      Potentially. As it turns out, it would take some time for all of the Enterprise's phasers to burn through the Autumn's armor in a 1-meter square area. Presumably, the spinal phaser lance could do it in less time

      At the same time, there is that MAC

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        It would take some time, yeah, but what in my mind would be the real killer (aside from the question of the MAC actually being able to strike a 'Trek vessel, given the "navigational deflector" that is there just for the purpose of shunting aside possibly impacting objects while the ship is moving at high fractions of C) would be how the Enterprise is shown to move in the show, versus the PoA. The Enterprise behaves in a much, much more agile manor, and at close range that's going to make lining up a MAC shot with a spinal mount very, very difficult. Personally, I wouldn't be getting that close, myself. I'd DEFINITELY be standing off and engaging with torpedoes. In TNG, they treat nukes and lasers more or less as an "are they serious?" thing (I'm thinking of that really antiquated klingon ship that tries to attack them, and Riker insists that they go to yellow alert because regulations call for it, even though its lasers and nukes wouldn't be a threat through the navigation shielding).

        Would certainly be interesting, anyway! I'd think a much more apples-to-apples comparison would be against Covenant heavies, given that almost any shielded ship versus unshielded is fairly lopsided. Keeping in mind that even a hit that doesn't fully penetrate with the first strike will have all KINDS of damaging effects beyond the armour. Sensors, external fittings, etc, are all vulnerable to energies far lower than required to punch through the hull directly. A single solid phaser hit across the MAC muzzle, for instance, or punching into the bridge (with all those windows that have no armour at all).