Cole the Otteryote by Dot Dawg Mike by socalfurs

Cole the Otteryote by Dot Dawg Mike


30 August 2017 at 14:14:07 MDT

From the artist:

I was born in Fountain Valley, California and live in Long Beach, California. Right now I am majoring in Sports Medicine and work as an EMT (Emergency Medical Tech); although I am working and going to school I have time to hang with friends and take an occasional trip to the beach. My favorite beach is Huntington Beach with its amazing pier and delicious restaurants, as well as its usual surfing competition.
Some of my hobbies are Fishing, Swimming, Surfing, Hanging with friends, Reading, and don't forget about napping in the warm sand. Fishing, Swimming, and Surfing has always been with me since I was born with my mom being an expert fisherfur and my father being a champ at Surfing; my love for them just grew throughout the years.

When I was in my teen days I broke my arm from losing control while I was surfing and smashed into a pier's pillar. Ever since then I dedicated myself to learning more about Medicine and felt that sports medicine was a great choice for me. As for EMT, I took a ROP (Regional Occupation Program) in high school and enjoyed interacting with all the people I meet.

I guess I am pretty social and I love the attention I get from it as well. It is always nice to have people around and I'm just happy that people enjoy my company.

I never had any issues with fears, Since I am lucky enough to live in California, the weather here is pretty tame to an extent so I really have nothing to fear physically.

Artwork by -mike-

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