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Haku head by SnowVolkolak

Haku head


I want say, that it was the most unusual and detailed for me, at this point, the project. Every detail of the character was very special - carefully crafted in the mind by her owner, where, literally, every inch has been thought out in advance.
She was originally planned for intimidate and even somewhat shock. With "sweet" smile of the werewolf Akersent and crazy eyes with look right into the soul. Her appearance must was scare and attract at the same time. She should be feminine and brutal.

  • The highlight of the capabilities of this mask is in soundmodule. Unfortunately, I don't made video with this, but maybe we'll load it later.

  • This design for LEDs, too, was new to us. Their location was planned to be just for illumination of the pupil.

  • I still want to separately write about the stripes: they're all completely sews, none of them were paint by airbrush. Total, for example, on two ears there are about 22 pieces.

  • Fully padded ears, inside the ear faux leather that mimic the shape and relief of the ear. Also, include two tunnels. Piercings too, entirely of steel.

  • The mustache on the frame, they can be bent in any direction and take various forms

  • Tongue and lips by silicone, soft and elastic.

  • Nose with holes. The scales on the face is completely hand-made.

  • Scales on the neck - soft, from very realistic faux leather. This is just 4 of the 32 scales on the whole body, which is completely sewn for the density.

  • Horns was done virtually by hand, hard, screwed and soldered to the head.

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