Lightning the Eeray by SnowFeline

Lightning the Eeray


30 November 2015 at 20:56:49 MST

Yes I finally got one! Been wanting an eeray forever and now I finally have one and I love how her design came out <3 Yeah I haven't really had the motivation to draw much(if at all) the past few days so I just grabbed a base :P and apparently I'm so lazy I couldn't even properly color the headshot but wanted to keep it.

I don't have a set personality for her but think she would be hot headed, sarcastic, and doesn't like being told what to do. I you tell her to chew with her mouth closed(even if its already closed) she will purposely chew really loud. Basically just giving her my bad traits x.x(I do that last part so bad), she's nice too just more quiet about :3

Note-Her lightning bolt marking is on both arms while the marking above it is only on her left arm.

Character and color©Me
Base© Enjoipandas at FA
Eeray species© Cookiehana at FA
Eerays are a closed species by CookieHana. Do not make your own without purchasing a MYO slot.

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    I love the color placement, especially all the gorgeous splashes of red!