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hey call me daft. I'm a queer guy living in Cali

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Commission TOS 2.0

eyy, thank you in your interest in checking out this sheet. a few quick statements before I list my will/won't draws

► In the event that a commission takes too long to be started/completed, you are more than welcome to request a refund from me! Trust me, nobody understands the importance of having money like I do, so if you need yours back, I will absolutely give it back. PLEASE INFORM ME OF DESIRED REFUNDS AND DO NOT SIMPLY DO A CHARGEBACK! Those can seriously fuck up your Paypal account for a while and cause more hassle than is needed considering that I will gladly and quickly give all refunds myself!

► I will be using paypal invoices to handle payments because their fees for if you step out of line are scary and I am just a poor birb with little money. So if you would like a commission, please don't forget to note me your paypal address so I can send you your invoice! By accepting/paying for a paypal invoice, you are agreeing to a transaction in which you will receive a digital copy of art and not a physical copy, unless otherwise negotiated.

okay, now that all that's out of the way

► Will Draw:
-gore/guro/body horror
-any gender
-nsfw anthro pokemon
-sfw ferals
-sfw MLP
-non con/dub con

this list will grow as requests for things not explicitly on it are made, because it's kind of hard to think of stuff otherwise

► Won't Draw:
-anything unsanitary (scat, watersports, etc)
-nsfw MLP
-nsfw Animal Crossing
-nsfw Undertale
-nsfw ferals
-hyper (any sort of hyper body shape, don't have the skill for it tbh)
-orgies (again, don't have the skill to handle so many bodies at once, but hopefully someday!)

If you would like a commission, please note me. If you have a question about if I would be willing to draw something, please note me. If you have any questions in general, please note me!

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