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ELF - 1 by SNK

ELF - 1


Yes, in my setting elves have guns. Recycle faster.

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    elves would absolutely step their game up from bows to guns. also I love how original and creative your design for them is, opposed to the usual "really pretty human with pointy ears" look that they typically have.

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      D&D players don't like it because it's "too furry". Furries don't like it because it's "not furry enough". That's how nobody ends up playing with me.

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        lame. this furry stigma crap needs to stop popping up so much.
        I love your designs personally.

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          It's more than that. Most people doing this are just looking for excuses. They don't mean it as much as they're virulent shitters.

          I'm talking to one of them right now. He will purposedly attack everything and everyone he hears about just to get a reaction out of you.

          "sounds like shit kek"

          "looks like shit kek"

          "retarded and unoriginal"

          Whenever you answer, he says something like

          "oh look he's throwing a fit"

          "this is objectively trash and you're butthurt that you can't accept it"

          "learn to take criticism"

          That is their strategy. And if you think I'm not serious, these people do exist. To them this is normal and acceptable. These are actual quotes I got. Sadly, that's the only kind of player I can get these days. I truly am desperate when I ask to meet people outside of this. The other two places to go are Roll20 and Reddit... And people are just bad there. Simply terrible. They'll also accuse you of sexism or something.

          If you type D&D in Weasyl or anywhere somewhat furry, what you get is shitty travesty in the form of obvious fetish porn desiguised as the official races. I've seen too many inflated gnolls to sleep queitly. But these people find games with each other. I would never want them in my server, myself.

          I'm starting to think the only reason these kind of people are also looking for games is that they're so shitty they haven't got any friends, or that good groups don't want them. I have no friends, but the circumstances of that are different from being a complete autist. They wouldn't play D&D anyway.

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            I have a non furry friend who has had mixed results with roll20, she has found a few good parties tho and is currently still playing D&D with a few of them, so the good ones do exist. youve just been having really bad luck with the teams youve been getting.

            also people who use shit talking as "criticism" are just toxic assholes who are incapable of accomplishing anything in their own lives so they belittle everything everyone else does to make themselves feel better. nothing but uncultured swine.

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              I don't get people like that. I truly don't. They live in a world where you're not allowed to like things and any creative endeavour is to be punished.