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Sketch: Zootopia Me by Skulldog

Sketch: Zootopia Me


Saw Zooptopia twice in the last two days. Wanted to draw myself in the style, but the world setting doesn’t have reptiles, birds or domestic dogs, I had no idea what I’d be without those options…

GUESS I’d be an aardwolf then.

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    I love how this one turned out! I need to draw myself in the style too.

  • Link domestic dogs??? I am sad............

    But this is a very awesome piece! :D

    Is it a really good movie? I have a love-hate feeling for Disney, so I was wary of how they might handle a movie like this (which is far more "furry-looking" than their traditional Disney fare). XD

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      I honestly dislike 3D animation as a whole, so I'm already super critical when I went in. I LOVED THIS...the story was so good, with a great message that applied across vast areas. The world building, lovely, tiny details got thrown across every scene, I just wanted to SEE MORE of the city. Characters that only had a few lines, still shined as interesting unique personalities not a one off joke. Everything felt so alive and real?

      So yes..I've seen this movie twice and will be seeing it again in a few days. I can't express how much I've enjoyed it, and hope Disney keeps this creative team working on more movies from here, they get how to tell a story that matters.

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        Yeah...I've been iffy on 3-D animation as well. I miss Disney's days of traditional animation! But I'm glad to know that this is a movie worth seeing! (I had so many people gush about "Frozen" to me and I was very "meh" about that one...I thought "Tangled" was better! XD)

        I don't get much opportunity to see stuff in the theater anymore...but I'll definitely check this out on DVD--thanks! :D

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    Reptiles are in the expansion pack :P ;3