African Wild Dog Hoodsonas by SixthLeafClover

African Wild Dog Hoodsonas


16 March 2017 at 12:56:35 MDT

African Wild Dog

The African Wild Dog Hoodsonas® - African Wild Dog styled colors. Faux fur pattern was entirely sewn together with the trio-colors of the African Wild Dog in mind. The entire Hoodsona consists of 4 different faux furs and mixed minky colors.

-3D Ears are entirely plush with realistic details and foam padding inside.

-Liner is a soft custom printed plush minky of SixthLeafClover's artwork called “Wild Hearts”.

-Hoodsonas® come with logo metal button on the sleeve.

-Hand paws are sewn with several different types of faux fur and minky. The paw pads are cast soft silicone with specialty mixed pigments of colors and embedded glitter details. The hand paws are lined with soft minky.

-Claws are a soft foam cast for comfort.

African Wild Dog Tail - Tail is a 4” long pile faux fur with custom hand sewn patterns.

I will be listing new Hoodsonas in my online store at .. Some of these designs like the Wild Dog and Silver Lion will be available for purchase. Custom Hoodsonas start at $500 each. You can always send me a email asking about customs: christina[at]sixthleafclover[dot]com

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