Hoodsonas Egyptian Series by SixthLeafClover

Hoodsonas Egyptian Series


25 February 2017 at 10:25:28 MST

I was recently inspired to get my Egyptian Hoodsonas® Series designed up after I have recently came across a limited edition GOLD METALLIC faux fur. You will be sure to see these new items available this spring! Custom designed and hand sewn with care to all the details by SixthLeafClover®.

Wear them anywhere! Have your fursona as a hoodsona! You can't wear fursuit head everywhere, but you can wear a Hoodsona and show it off anywhere and everywhere! Complete with handpaws now! Also ask me about matching tails!

I do custom orders for you own Hoodsonas®. You can contact me at christina[at]sixthleafclover[dot]com and ask about customs. They start at $500 each.

Commission Public Queue is here with current Hoodsonas and artwork orders in queue: https://goo.gl/wbdTKK

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    owww, do want :D the top one <3

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    These look awesome! Maybe a Horus? or a Thoth. :3

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    These are gorgeous! I'd love to buy one if I can afford one. Of note though, Bastest is generally considered a (house) cat, not a lion (except in early incarnations) - Sekhmet is the lioness! It would be really cool to see you do her too :o