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Kendall’s Poke-belly, by Askrfur by sirkain

Kendall’s Poke-belly, by Askrfur


Kendall has played some Pokemon, not great at it but this time he seemed to get quite the haul of Pokemon to add to his collection! Being the brilliant ringtail he is, not bringing a backpack to carry all the used poke-balls, he just… swallows them all whole into his belly! Now almost home at his door,. His belly is bulging out obscenely with lumps everywhere, swollen and pinkish skin showing through his white belly fur. Eventually he opens his door, shakily walking to his stairs to get up to his room, trying his best to not bump into anything or slip and fall and risk any of those poke-balls suddenly opening in his belly…

He slips off his underwear giving a little more freedom for his large lumpy belly to breathe a little more. Almost there Kendall, Almost there!

(SFW Version)

Art © Askrfur! Their upload is here -

Kendall Sinwy © me.

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