[Old Art] ROLW inspired Sir Kain by KikenEnryu by sirkain

[Old Art] ROLW inspired Sir Kain by KikenEnryu


11 December 2020 at 03:14:52 MST

It is one of my favorite pics of Sir Kain to date, cause of how elegant/awesome the armor was that :iconKikenEnryu: designed for Sir Kain. I remember him saying when got to the inking phase and finally finished it over a few sessions, “Usually when I ink as picture it takes me half an hour to do, and this took closer to 3 hours to ink. That detail in the armor was a bitch” or something close to those lines. (This was over 20 years ago so cut me some slack). Prisma color pencils for the coloring work on this. In person it looks fantastic. I had this framed for many years in my bedrooms before got the house I own now. Sunlight hasn’t done it much good so I keep it stored with the rest of my traditional art out of the sunlight. I dont know what the Japanese handwriting says, but I think this was made in 1997 or 1998.

If you see the current (2017) reference sheet I have for Sir Kain, it was heavily inspired from :iconminzoku: ‘s drawings of Sir Kain's armor, which this pic inspired her at the time to make her versions of Kain’s armor.

Art © :iconkikenenryu:

Sir Kain Stahlwarren © Eric Goodwin.

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