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Training those new eyes, by Cracky by sirkain

Training those new eyes, by Cracky


EricSkunk now having had his bionic eye upgrade for a few weeks decided he wanted to test them out to see how far he can see with them, and if they needed any tweaks. What better way to give them a test than to go out to an open range with an AR10 and shoot 600 yards away? Using just his new eyes? Eric had Fizzles his android cougar assistant tag along to help him confirm where he is aiming at and if his calibrations are off any at all.

At the end of the day on the range, Eric was able to take that data and give to DrJavi to help do the minor tweaks to his eyes, and the two had a fun time hanging out together and plink some long distance targets.

Art by the awesome crackydacoon crackydacoon.

EricSkunk and Fizzles © me.