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Harley and Joker cosplay by Omni-Aura by sirkain

Harley and Joker cosplay by Omni-Aura


From the artist:

"It is Halloween and Kendall, currently transgendered into a female version named Kendra, wants to Trick-Or-Treat w/ Konjou, but what costumes to wear? Then after a bit she was inspired to dress up as Harley Quinn, meaning Konjou would have to dress up as the Joker.

"You want me to be the Joker this Halloween?" "There is no Harley Quinn w/o a Joker and since, you did kinda mess w/ me and played me the fool before." "I'm not the one that got excited to date me, then tried to play them w/ a game of darts, then resisted to extend your time w/ me. But fine, I'll be Joker."

That night they go out to Trick-Or-Treat and even go to a costume party, Kendra dressed up as Harley Quinn but a lil more sexy than usual, while Konjou dressed as Joker really creep others out w/ the unsettling smile and glare, which they did win first prize for their costumes... or cause they didn't want to anger the 9-tailed renamon Joker."

Was a fun request idea that Omni was cool with doing.

Art and Konjou (C) :iconOmni-Aura: . Their upload is HEREif can comment and fave it there also.

(Gender-Bent) Kendall (C) me.

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