Big BaconSkunk Treasure! By KitsuneKit by sirkain

Big BaconSkunk Treasure! By KitsuneKit


19 August 2019 at 22:25:00 MDT

Oh wow! Looks like the BaconSkunk has gone BIG for getting the ever hard-to-get Duncan roo! Duncan is quite a big roo to try to mess with, but with the help of Kitsune Kit's macro ray he seems to be about to out-big the big green guy.

Ericskunk: "well, well.... You my friend will make a FINE addition to my collection of kangaroos!"

One day I will work to have a sequel to this, once finances allows!

Art by :iconkitsunekit:. Will show links to their upload of this when its available.

Duncan Roo (C) :iconduncan:.

EricSkunk (C) me.

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