To a caring loving wolf - By Omni Aura by sirkain

To a caring loving wolf - By Omni Aura


16 February 2019 at 16:49:57 MST

Recently started having a certain wolf hang out around my place after many years of loosing touch with each other (life changes and distractions). Been a friend for a fairly long time, then recent chats and hanging out lead from one thing to another and got much more than ‘just’ a friend. I’ve found someone I do care for a lot and the feeling is mutual.

To have someone be able to kick depression around you struggled doing on your own (with or without medication). To make you be into many of the things in life you are. To feel comfy around said person even for intimate things… Yeah. That's how wonderful Largo has been for me lately and Its been one hell of a wonderful thing.

We are still testing waters with dates and getting to know the other better… But I feel things will move to a solid relationship. I haven't had anyone hit me in such a way since someone I was with 20 years ago.

Crappy sappy writing but its true heh. [b]blushes and shrugs[/b]

And much thanks to omni-aura for doing this commission for me on such short notice!

Largo Wolf © largo-wolf.

EricSkunk © Me.

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