Booby trap Fail, by Victni by sirkain

Booby trap Fail, by Victni


23 August 2017 at 14:40:59 MDT

Both Kendall and Victni being the pranksters they are were setting up a new gimmick they bought off ACME to try on Rawr or Arin. Kendall was just about done having it set and hidden when the controls started to spark and glitch... Before Kendall or Victni could react - THOONK! CLICK! Their mouths ares now full of a hose that sprung from the trap and a belt snapping around their muzzles to keep it there, flooding their mouths and bellies with liquids! Kendall staggers back trying to fight the hose free with one hand but the sheer amount of liquid expanding his belly out sloshing around threw off his balance and fell to the ground with a thud and a slosh! His attempts to get the controls back in his hands become futile as his belly grows and expands like a blimp with it on top making him whimper... Doesn't look like Victni is having any better luck!

A fun commission by victni