Puff the magic bubble, by JacFox by sirkain

Puff the magic bubble, by JacFox


17 April 2016 at 13:58:27 MDT

EricSkunk, working for JacFox as one of his ship's mechanics was looking for an article on a new spaceship that was to come out soon he was curious abut and was told there was a copy in one of the labs. While he was in there all he saw was the article laying on a nearby lab table and a plush of a grey fox looking thing... He grabbed the article and read some of the first page standing there when he notices something sparkle and catch his attention back on that table. "...? I didn't see that there before" Eric said as a pipe was now there he swears didn't see there when he walked in. Curious he picks it up. Looking around seeing nobody else in the lab or even in the hallway, he shrugged and decided he may as well try to look proper and placed it his mouth pretending to smoke it while going back to his article.

While reading on the engines the ship was going to haven it, his attention was broken hearing a lout pop! by his left ear of a bubble popping that was coming out of that pipe, making him wince... and started to feel a bit stuffed..? "what the-!" Was all eh could say as he dropped the pipe out of his mouth in shock as his belly was REALLY bulging out making his shirt creep up it and looking very soft... stitches started to form up his belly as he kept expanding! Within a few seconds he felt the clothes give up and fall off as he fell to the ground, now as a plush... A certain fox walking by happened to notice this cute skunk plush he just had to go grab and hug! The grey fox plush started to form a smile seeing this go on...

A fun transformation commission by jacfox jacfox.

TraskFox and his pipe © traskfox.

Ronin © roninfoxtail roninfoxtail.