Stopping to Eat by Spiderdasquirrel by sirkain

Stopping to Eat by Spiderdasquirrel


17 June 2015 at 22:09:41 MDT

Sir Kain had gathered up a few to join him on a quest he was hired to do (EricSkunk, Zeke and Torok) and decided to set up camp for the evening and have a nice needed meal. Torok claimed to be an excellent cook and being one of the best Kobold chefs to exist. So Kain let him do the cooking!

.....Which may not of been his wisest decision ever since they tend to use bugs and for spices (and lighter fluid too, so i hear).

A fun commission done by spiderdasquirrel spiderdasquirrel. Their upload is HERE if can comment and fave there too!

Sir Kain and EricSkunk © Eric Goodwin